Pensamientos Encontrados

No recuerdo exactamente de donde lo saque, pero tenia que escribirlo a mano. :)
Rodrigo "Ruy" Villanueva
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After lots of thinking I`ve decided to put mayor emphasize in my principal blog, where I will start writing about my adventures and giving mayor details, as well as trying to do my best to keep my interest in readers. Thinking on all my english readers, I have added a translation option so you can understand exactly what is that I am saying. Please give me your comments so maybe we could try and make this blog work. I am open to any suggestions :) The link to my principal blog is: http://LetsLiveLifeTogether.blogspot.com I`d recommend you to follow me through that way, and I promise you I won`t put bad posts, promise.
-Rodrigo Villa


- The Decision

Dear readers,

I am sorry for taking so long to write this article, but I am really putting my best effort to choose every word cleverly and trying to get your interest in my story. I`ve had lot`s of interesting ideas for this blog, and I would really like to ask you readers to help me with feedback, as it is the only way in which I may train myself to be a better writer. If you have any idea that could help me write better or express myself in a better way, please don`t hesitate to leave me a comment. I promise I will always answer it personally. Promise.


- Truth shall set you free...

Have you ever felt as if your life was worth writing?
Have you experienced a life changing event?
Are you really conscious of which are your priorities in life?
Do you consider yourself a special person?
My personal answer for all of this questions is "Yes".

After a deep personal reflexion, I have discovered something wonderful about the world.

Have you ever thought of really how much people there is in the world, doing so much different things? If you really give it a shot, you may discover that while you are reading my story, there is someone out there, climbing a mountain, whilst in the other end of the world, there is someone living amongst nature, not so far from there a short granny is giving a walk through the park... And my list could last forever.

In the last few days, lots of things have changed in my life. Now that I`ve started blogging, my view of the world has changed a lot, the perception of several things. One of them, and the most important, is that now I`ve understood in a greater way what is individualism. For all believers, we think that god brought us to this world for some reason. As it is that way, there are people that are meant to be normal, there are people that are meant to be different. Have you ever taken 10 minutes to think about other people`s lives? I`ve understood that there are good people and there are bad people. My heart tells me that I am a good person, and my mind has understood it. My whole life I have been trying to hide the truth, as I feared it.

Now things have changed... I`ve realized that the world is a better place when the truth is known, even if it hurts.

Have you heard the saying: "God shall set you free"?


- Old days...

Peru is a wonderful country, please don`t get me wrong. Apart from having screwed up things amongst people, you can find the most wonderful things... Perfect landscapes, totally amazing destinations, a huge variety of amazing food, colourful dances and rich peruvian rythms.

One particular thing I loved doing was climbing. I used to train a lot before I had to get changed of school. My life was sort of relaxed until that moment, things were tranquil.

I sort of started working for my family`s company. This is when all problems began, if I hadn`t taken the decision of working with my dad, probably nothing of this would have happened. I`m just sure it was from this moment that things started going wrong...

Mom was going to work in the U.S, the economic situation at home was in red alert. My dad`s first and most succesfull company had bankrupt because of natural hazards, just when "El niƱo" came and attacked South America. My dad doesn`t speak English, so we had to team-up and start making business... I was just barely 16 years old, just one month after my birthday, my father gave me a huge responsibility: If we don`t make things right, in less than a month we won`t have to eat, they`ll take away our house, your mother will have to stay more time in another country...

I can`t actually believe I started working for him, It should have been working with him. Now there`s no wonder why I ended so screwed up. At the moment we signed a Gentlemen Agreement, agreeing my participation in the company, my soul was sold. There would be no "Father and Son" relationship, but a "Boss and Easy-to-abuse Employee". The situation remained the same until the April 30th, 2009.

That day, I had to finally quit working for him. I had to start living my own life.

(Audio: "Black hole sun" - Soundgarden)


- My first day

I`ve been doing lots of research, sought all over the Internet to find for help. I am trying to make better blogging everyday, getting to more sites, learning about feeds, friends, bloggers.

Day 1 has been very pleasant for me, as I have now 1 follower, have had my blog visited, commented. I feel one step further to reaching my goal, I have had also shouts and comments, made some groups, getting to know people. I`ve learnt that the blogging scene can really be quite interesting and surprising.

While doing this, I browsed my computer for an image to share with you, and found the picture of my monkey. Her name is Abu, and is also involved in my story.

How could an illegal, wild animal end up living with me?
How did you get this monkey?
How is life with a baby monkey as a pet?
Why was there no animal control?
Should you vaccinate that monkeys?
Is it that local authorities don`t care for their welfare?

Now tell me... Should I write my book?


About the book.

I come from Lima, Peru. The reason why I am writing this blog, is to practice some writing, sharing thoughts, start knowing how the blogging environment works, and seeing how much internet can be a highway to success. All of this because I intend to write a book of my life, of all the things that have happened to me and changed my life, of how my life is so different compared to normal people. Could one person`s dream become true using the internet? I think the answer is yes.

My story involves the real story of a corrupted high-class society, a story of a difficult childhood, a story of a ruined family, who seem so happy, and yet is so miserable. You may think I am crazy, most of the time I think the same thing. What I believe is that things happen because they have to, to forge your soul, and your future, whom you have to be.

This way, I finally understood which way my life had to go on from now, and it is writing my story, because no other person would dare to tell the truth as I am about to. I am scared to do it, but things have to be done, people have to change, and most importantly, truth needs to be known.

If you can somehow help me in making my dream come true, it will be following my blog, and sharing thoughts with me, all feedback would be very appreciated and maybe you may help me define my style, and together, we can write my story.

Thanks for your time.

( Audio: "Made of Stone" - The Stone Roses)