After lots of thinking I`ve decided to put mayor emphasize in my principal blog, where I will start writing about my adventures and giving mayor details, as well as trying to do my best to keep my interest in readers. Thinking on all my english readers, I have added a translation option so you can understand exactly what is that I am saying. Please give me your comments so maybe we could try and make this blog work. I am open to any suggestions :) The link to my principal blog is: http://LetsLiveLifeTogether.blogspot.com I`d recommend you to follow me through that way, and I promise you I won`t put bad posts, promise.
-Rodrigo Villa


Anonymous said...

Hi Rodrigo!
I'm Bruno, a Brazilian writer and I am pubblishing a new anthology with new authors. It would be a great pleasure to read your plays in our book. If you want to know our project you can visit this page: www.novacoletanea.blogspot.com

We are a cooperative of writers and we look for partners to develope our book and want to be read in several parts of the world.

We hope for your message.

Bruno Resende Ramos

The Peruvian said...

Too bad you're not going to post in English anymore :-( It was actually fun & rewarding 2 read.

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