- My first day

I`ve been doing lots of research, sought all over the Internet to find for help. I am trying to make better blogging everyday, getting to more sites, learning about feeds, friends, bloggers.

Day 1 has been very pleasant for me, as I have now 1 follower, have had my blog visited, commented. I feel one step further to reaching my goal, I have had also shouts and comments, made some groups, getting to know people. I`ve learnt that the blogging scene can really be quite interesting and surprising.

While doing this, I browsed my computer for an image to share with you, and found the picture of my monkey. Her name is Abu, and is also involved in my story.

How could an illegal, wild animal end up living with me?
How did you get this monkey?
How is life with a baby monkey as a pet?
Why was there no animal control?
Should you vaccinate that monkeys?
Is it that local authorities don`t care for their welfare?

Now tell me... Should I write my book?


GMP said...

Ya it is really interesting. Continue writing your book. I am waiting for it.
You can ask me any help regarding your blog.
First you should change your template

Anonymous said...

my mother used to have a pet monkey...it's kinda unfair that I can't have one lol. But continue what your doing. Everyone has a story that has to be heard.

Vinay Rai said...

Your pet is nice and you should write more and often because that is how you will get popular and get visitors to your blog.

Steinar Arason said...

Hello I found you on blogcatalog.com I´m following you now.

But nice monkey :)

I hope you will return the favor and follow me too.

This is my blog where I talk about how to get more visitors, about blog, what to blog about. And many more.

Well if you want to say hi

See you around!

Akin Nu An said...

I'd buy your book dude!

Med ELJAMALI said...

I like your blog, keep it up :)

kika said...

Hola, es un placer visitar tu interesante blog. Y, porsupuesto tienes que seguir escribiendo, lo haces muy bien. Yo soy chilena y vivo en Melbourne (Australia). Te invito a visitarme y follow me ...

kika said...

Se me olvidaba...yo ahora siguo tu blog.

Fred G. said...

Nice Blog. Keep up the good work. Go for it! Write the book!!


Hi nice and interesting keep it up.

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